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Release Name: 1.1.15

  - Fixed bug in views/browse/question.rhtml w. confidence_resource_path
  - Fixed bug in code to update all webct courses
  - Added 'question_by_url' functionality to allow question analysis to be pinpointed based on the question source url - much like question_by_id
    This is a useful way for external resources to link to EVAF - they just use their own URL as parameter
  - Added /browse/question_by_url?url=[encoded source url] route to do this
  - Added tests
  - Fixed some broken tests
  - Updated staff guide
  - Updated deploy.sample.rb to deal with wsdl files - now regenerated after every code update
  - Updated session_store to be symlinked
  - Fixed bug in favico.ico to be in images, rather than '/favicon.ico' (wrong root) or 'favico.ico' (not found errors in controllers)
  - Fixed bug in ease_logout which could leave visual mess after deleting cookie
  - Clarified database.yml library DB requirement for class defn