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Release Name: 0.4.0

Versionomy is a generalized version number library.
It provides tools to represent, manipulate, parse, and compare version
numbers in the wide variety of versioning schemes in use.

This document summarizes the features of Versionomy with a quick synopsis
and feature list. For more detailed usage information and examples, see

Changes: === 0.4.0 / 2010-05-24 * Included Semantic Version ( format called "semver". * Parsing conversions can now prescreen or premodify the original format value. * Conversion algorithm tries to convert through the standard format if a direct conversion isn't found. For example, there is currently no direct conversion between semver and rubygems formats, but the converter can nevertheless convert the two because both can convert to and from standard. * Expanded the module version detection to include VERSION submodules. * Some Rakefile fixes to match RDoc and Ruby 1.9 changes.