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Release Name: 1.1.13

Initial Public Release
The change notes are cumulative to this point but versions referenced are not available via SVN or download.

Changes: 1.1.13 - Copied deploy.sample.rb from deploy.rb - Updated install_for_developer doc to reflect copy step 1.1.12 - Added WSDL generation task for generating custom wsdl files and placing them in config/wsdl - Added WSDL templates in libs/configs/wsdl - Updated docs 1.1.11 - Added GPL v2 headers and LICENSE in doc folder - Rewrote INSTALL doc to be Capistrano-free and more succinct - Moved outgoing email configuration to config/email.yml for the different environments - Moved authentication config from config/environments therefore no need for .sample directory - Added numbering and completed move (apart from ExceptionNotifier) to initializers - Added generate_session_store task (based on redmines) - Modified Capistrano deployment to reflect recent changes 1.1.10 - Replaced identities in test data with truly anonymous names, etc - Removed unneeded documentation - Brought together install/deploy docs - Added admin configuration - including initialisation of admin user in migration 1.1.9 - Major update to Loans connector, Now can use remote DB, remote SFTP or local file - config specified in environment.yml - Course Student membership can automatically be inferred from session source files. - Other minor fixes. 1.1.8 - Fixed bug in export_xml to do with @headers - an undiscovered deprecation from move to rails2 - Removed remaining (hopefully) Edinburgh-specific references from configuration and code. This included: * Adding customisation of headers, links, copyright in main layout * Removing defaults that referred to Edinburgh - e.g webct module is more generic * Removed EASE/Cosign server selection to config - Moved some environment.rb to the environments/(production|development).rb as things like smtp host settings would get clobbered every update otherwise. - Moved authentication config into environments/(production|development|test).yml from environment.yml - Tidied up some docs 1.1.7 - Added more configuration abstraction by creating config/environments.sample folder and removing the old one. Also - a new task to setup the initial configs on a completely new deploy 1.1.6 - re-configuration of configs to separate out version number (not shared) with environment (shared) so version shows up correctly - created environent.sample.yml and database.sample.yml for new deployments to override 1.1.5 - Capistranification - on Linux anyway - including setup of shared folders, permissions, etc - Windows deploy almost there - just fails because of password prompt when using :ext: for CVS - - should be solved with public key instead of password auth 1.1.4 -- added migration to remove attachment stuff at last -- removed mention of attachment_fu -- removed attachment_fu plugins -- remove (manually) attachment files and directories from public 1.1.3 -- Fixed bug in confidence-based analysis graph in add test questions -- updated exception_notification plugin (now compatible with rails 2.1) -- Added UTC timezone to config -- Updated paperclip initiallizer to use Paperclip.interpolates... -- Other tidy-ups -- Fixed comment notififier to send to course organiser (rather than kbrunton!) 1.1.2 -- Migrated and moved to Paperclip from Attachment_fu - attachment_fu to be removed fully later. 1.1.0 -- Moved to Rails 2.2 - MySQL 4 not compatible with Rails 2.3 -- Re-did configs in Rails 2.2 way -- Some minor session-fixes -- replaced deprecated acts_as_list with acts_as_list plugin -- Minor changes to comments 1.0.1 -- Minor deprecation warning fixes. Version put on pride - 06/11/09 1.0.0 -- Ill advised EVAF4All Branch merged back on Head - old development of 0.9.x branch will no longer happen. -- While branched made the following main changes: -- Used generic terms - e.g username, instead of Edinburgh-isms -- Moved more configurable options into environment.yml including: WebCT config, Google Analytics (optional), privacy statement (optional) -- Fixed bugs including prs_v5_session importing for Macs, comment field sizes, removed req for Student ID in imports -- Using Google chart plugin -- more icons used inc browser icon -- docs changes 0.9.0 -- addition of csv export for question data formatting like PRS v4 imports -- Sessions are saved so they can (in theory) be re-importable as PRS v4 -- Sessions are given a session date of the last sesssion uploaded for that course (+1 day to avoid conflicts) -- student identities are kept anonymous and clicker-ids (the last one the student used) are used instead -- added documentation 0.8.3 -- export of course as XML -- import of an XML course -- some tests and test data -- updated some routes 0.8.2 -- url encoded titles in google chart titles (e.g ampersand now works) -- cleaned up database.yml to remove old refs -- minor fix to migration doc -- added student sumary score and percentage for total questions (with answers) and filtered questions -- updated user guide with notes on search and filters -- added extra note in user guide about setting 'Student ID' in exports -- updated v5 export word doc with changes and added date for version control -- minor css and help images -- removed old backgroundrb worker 0.8.1 - fixed regression on question 'destroy' + fix to 'no questions available' msg on no questions 0.8.0 - initial commit of search, filters and tags