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Release Name: 0.9.5

activerecord-jdbc-adapter is a database adapter for Rails' ActiveRecord
component that can be used with JRuby[]. It allows use of
virtually any JDBC-compliant database with your JRuby on Rails application.

Changes: == 0.9.5 - The MSSQL release, courtesy of Mike Williams and Lonely Planet. - JRuby + AR-JDBC is now seen as the hassle-free way of using Rails with SQLServer! - Many fixes for MSSQL, including ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-18, ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-41, ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-56, ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-94, ACTIVERECORD_JDBC-99, JRUBY-3805, JRUBY-3793, JRUBY-4221 - All tests pass on Rails 3.0.0.beta3!