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Release Name: 1.0

Warbler is a gem to make a .war file out of a Rails, Merb, or Rack-based
application. The intent is to provide a minimal, flexible, ruby-like way to
bundle up all of your application files for deployment to a Java application

Changes: == 1.0 * Warbler hits 1.0! There are enough structural changes in Warbler that I feel it's time to roll the major version over to 1.0. * Add support for Bundler. Detect Gemfiles, make sure gems are included in the war file and rewrite .bundle/environment.rb inside the war file. * Warbler now uses RubyZip to create the war file in-place, without copying files to a tmp/war staging area. When run in JRuby it uses a Java ZipOutputStream for a modest performance boost. * Add config option to allow override of gem_home (Daniel Harrington). * Stop bundling jruby-rack, as promised. * WARBLER-3: don't add from Rails config.gems if they are frozen * WARBLER-7: Add config.webinf_files option with more support for custom web.xml files