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Release Name: 0.9.0

* License changed to Artistic 2.0
* Bug fix for OS X and BSD
* Internal reorganization

Changes: * Changed the license to Artistic 2.0. * Fixed a bug in the OS X code where a segfault would occur when an attempt was made to gather resource usage information on zombie processes. From now on that information is always set to nil for zombie processes. Thanks go to Tom Lianza for the spot and Philip Kromer for investigating the root cause of the failure. * Removed the FreeBSD code that read out of /proc. It was a pain from a maintenance point of view, and most FreeBSD installs do not mount /proc by default. The FreeBSD platform now uses the same code that the other BSD platforms use. * Fixed a bug in the BSD code where the ProcTable::Error class had the wrong parent class. * Some major gemspec updates, including an updated license. The platform handling logic is now in the Rakefile in the 'gem' task. * Updated the README file to include an additional acknowledgement, a license change and some minor formatting changes. * The test-unit library was changed from a runtime to a development dependency.