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Release Name: 1.3.0

This work is licensed under the GPLv2 license. See License.txt for details

== What's autobuild ?
Autobuild imports, configures, builds and installs various kinds of software packages.
It can be used in software development to make sure that nothing is broken in the 
build process of a set of packages, or can be used as an automated installation tool.

Autobuild config files are Ruby scripts which configure rake to
* imports the package from a SCM or (optionnaly) updates it
* configures it. This phase can handle code generation, configuration (for
  instance for autotools-based packages), ...
* build
* install

It takes the dependencies between packages into account in its build process,
updates the needed environment variables (+PKG_CONFIG_PATH+, +PATH+,

Changes: == Version 1.3.0 * major update of the user interaction. Autobuild is now much less verbose, and (hopefully) displays more useful error messages in most cases. * make the library easier to use to build other tools (i.e. not so much autobuild-centered anymore) * add the :branch and :tag targets to the git importer. The git importer should now be used as: Autobuild.git(URL, :branch => branch_name) OR Autobuild.git(URL, :tag => tag_name_or_commit_id) This puts it in line with the other importers which have a Autobuild.importer_type(URL, option_hash) form.