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Release Name: v0.9.1

Added unified Address Verification API 

How to use:
# tx_params contains the payment request parameters (Credit Card Number, Expiry Date etc); merge AVS params
tx_params.merge(:avs_street_address => \\\'7501ELMST.\\\', :avs_postal_code => \\\'902308\\\')
r =

# AVS params are:

:avs_street_address => \\\'7501ELMST.\\\'
:avs_unit_no => \\\'801\\\'
:avs_po_box => nil # P.O. Box or street address may be specified, but not both
:avs_postal_code => \\\'98210\\\'
:avs_test_flag =>  AVS *test flag

* The list of the flags - In order to simulate an AVS response in the test environment, place the AVS character that you would like returned.
The codes are listed here: 
The AVS result is a one-character response that indicates the degree of match for the provided address. Currently supported AVS responses are:

North American Response Codes

AVS Code, ABS Definition - Explanation

    * X - Exact match, 9 digit zip - Street Address, and 9 digit ZIP Code match
    * Y - Exact match, 5 digit zip - Street Address, and 5 digit ZIP Code match
    * A - Partial match - Street Address matches, ZIP Code does not
    * W - Partial match - ZIP Code matches, Street Address does not
    * Z - Partial match - 5 digit ZIP Code match only
    * N - No match - No Address or ZIP Code match
    * U - Unavailable - Address information is unavailable for that account number, or the card issuer does not support
    * G - Service Not supported, non-US Issuer does not participate
    * R - Retry - Issuer system unavailable, retry later
    * E - Not a mail or phone order
    * S - Service not supported

International Response Codes

AVS Code - ABS Definition and Explanation

    * G - Global non-AVS participant
    * B - Address matches only
    * C - Address and Postal Code do not match
    * D - Address and Postal Code match
    * F - Address and Postal Code match (UK only)
    * I - Address information not verified for international transaction
    * M - Address and Postal Code match
    * P - Postal Code matches only