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Release Name: 0.0.1

Looksee lets you examine the method lookup path of objects in ways not
possible in plain ruby.

Pop this in your .irbrc :

    require 'looksee/shortcuts'

This defines a method +lp+ ("lookup path") which lets you do:

    irb(main):001:0> lp []
    => Array
      &            concat      frozen?      push          taguri
      *            count       hash         rassoc        taguri=
      +            cycle       include?     reject        take
      -            delete      index        reject!       take_while
      <<           delete_at   indexes      replace       to_a
      <=>          delete_if   indices      reverse       to_ary
      ==           drop        insert       reverse!      to_s
      []           drop_while  inspect      reverse_each  to_yaml
      []=          each        join         rindex        transpose
      assoc        each_index  last         select        uniq
      at           empty?      length       shift         uniq!
      choice       eql?        map          shuffle       unshift
      clear        fetch       map!         shuffle!      values_at
      collect      fill        nitems       size          yaml_initialize
      collect!     find_index  pack         slice         zip
      combination  first       permutation  slice!        |
      compact      flatten     pop          sort
      compact!     flatten!    product      sort!
      all?        each_slice       first     min        reverse_each
      any?        each_with_index  grep      min_by     select
      collect     entries          group_by  minmax     sort
      count       enum_cons        include?  minmax_by  sort_by
      cycle       enum_slice       inject    none?      take
      detect      enum_with_index  map       one?       take_while
      drop        find             max       partition  to_a
      drop_while  find_all         max_by    reduce     zip
      each_cons   find_index       member?   reject
      taguri  taguri=  to_yaml  to_yaml_properties  to_yaml_style
      ==        hash                        object_id
      ===       id                          private_methods
      =~        inspect                     protected_methods
      __id__    instance_eval               public_methods
      __send__  instance_exec               respond_to?
      class     instance_of?                send
      clone     instance_variable_defined?  singleton_methods
      display   instance_variable_get       taint
      dup       instance_variable_set       tainted?
      enum_for  instance_variables          tap
      eql?      is_a?                       to_a
      equal?    kind_of?                    to_enum
      extend    method                      to_s
      freeze    methods                     type
      frozen?   nil?                        untaint

It'll also color the methods according to whether they're public,
protected, private, or overridden.  So pretty.  You gotta try it.

By default, it shows public and protected methods.  Add private ones
like so:

    lp [], :private => true
    lp [], :private          # shortcut

Or if you don't want protected:

    lp [], :protected => false

There are variations too.  And you can configure things.  And you can
use it as a library without polluting the built-in classes.  See:

    $ ri Looksee


Changes: == 0.0.1 2009-07-05 * Hi.