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Release Name: 0.4.0

= Tryouts - v0.5 ALPHA

Tryouts is a high-level testing library for your command-line applications and Ruby codes.


2009-05-24 - A BBQ started nearby as I was writing this documentation. It's incomplete and I'm sorry about that but I can tell you that this BBQ smells really, really good. 

== Terminology

Tryouts is a bit different than other testing libraries. Test definitions are organized in a similar way as Shoulda tests (although the keywords in the syntax are different). 

* Tryout: a set of drills (like basketball tryouts)
* Drill: a test. 
* Dream: the expected outcome of a drill. 

== Testing a command-line application (a CLI)

Tryouts tests command-line applications by comparing expected output with the actual output. Let's say we have an executable called mockout and we want to test the following commands:

    $ bin/executable
    $ bin/executable -f yaml
The tryout definition would look like this:

    command :executable, "path/2/executable"
    tryout "Common Usage", :cli do
      drill  "No Command"
      drill "YAML Output", :f, 'yaml'
And the expected output would be defined like this:

    dream "No Command" do
      output inline(%Q{
            Date:                                   2009-02-16
         Players:            d-bam, alberta, birds, condor man
          Owners:            greg, rupaul, telly, prince kinko
    dream "YAML Output" do
      format :yaml
      output ({
        "Date" => "2009-02-16",
        "Players" => ["d-bam", "alberta", "birds", "condor man"],
        "Owners" => ["greg", "rupaul", "telly", "prince kinko"]
== Testing Ruby codes (an API)

Tryouts employs the same approach for testing Ruby codes. The return value of the drill block is compared to the expectation defined by the dream. Here is an example of including dreams inside the tryout definition. 

    library :caesars, LIBRARY_PATH

    tryout "Common Usage", :api do
      dream "Some Maths", 3 
      drill "Some Maths" do
        12 / 4
      dream "A Block", Proc, :class  # Test the class type instead of the value
      drill "A Block" do do

== ALPHA Notice

This library is very new (est. 2009-05-19) and has not been vetted by the scrutiny of time. In particular you can expect:

* Ugly/awkward output from the tryouts executable. I wrote the core functionality that I needed to start writing tryouts for my other projects. I haven't spent very much time on reporting yet. However, this will change!
* The test definition syntax may change in future releases. 
* Unexpected errors. 

== 3 Ways to define tryouts
There are three ways to define an instance of this class:
* In +_tryouts.rb+ files using the DSL syntax. One file per Tryouts object. 
  * See:
* In standalone ruby files using a hybrid DSL/OO syntax. Supports multiple 
  Tryouts objects per file. 
  * See:
* With regular object-oriented syntax.
  * See:

== On Threads

Tryouts does some funky stuff to make it simple to write tests. This "funky 
stuff" means that this library is *not thread-safe at definition-time*. However, once 
all tryouts files are parsed (or in OO-syntax, once all objects are created), this
class should be *thread-safe at drill-time*. 

== More Info

* Check out the sourcecodes[]
* Read the rdocs[]
* About Solutious[]

== Thanks

* Everyone at Utrecht.rb 

== Credits

* Delano (

== Related Projects

* Context[]
* Testy[]
* Expectations[]
* Zebra[]

== License

See: LICENSE.txt

Changes: TRYOUTS, CHANGES #### 0.4.0 (2009-06-05) ############################### NOTE: Initial public release