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Release Name: 0.3.5

Hammock is a Rails plugin that eliminates redundant code in a very RESTful manner. It does this in lots in lots of different places, but in one manner: it encourages specification in place of implementation.

Hammock enforces RESTful resource access by abstracting actions away from the controller in favour of a clean, model-like callback system.

Hammock tackles the hard and soft sides of security at once with a scoping security system on your models. Specify who can verb what resources under what conditions once, and everything else - the actual security, link generation, index filtering - just happens.

Hammock inspects your routes and resources to generate a routing tree for each resource. Parent resources in a nested route are handled transparently at every point - record retrieval, creation, and linking.

It makes more sense when you see how it works though. There's a screencast coming soon.

Changes: == 0.3.5 2009-06-03 Converted README back to rdoc, for rubyforge rake tasks. == 0.3.4 2009-06-03 Converted lambda and proc to L. Include exception message on error in Hammock.load_models. Fixed lambda -> L alias, by adding initialize_for_load on hammock init. Added Hammock::Mutex, containing AR::Base#mutex, to run a closure within a column-based mutex. Added Hammock::Aliases, initially with lambda aliased as L. Removed model-loading logging. README formatting updates, converted to Markdown. Updated README to match current code state. Updated the bit about the screencast in the README.