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Release Name: 1.1.0

This package makes managing cron jobs on unix systems a breeze!  It is
composed of a single program, +jobmanager+, which is intended to be
invoked by cron, or a cron-like application.  +jobmanager+, in turn,
invokes the specified cron job, in addition to providing the following
added value:

* Logs the output of the cron jobs.
* Rotates the cron job logs.
* Manages a central log which records all cron events (when each job
  starts, finishes, the job's success, etc).
* Emails the user the results of the cron job on a configurable
  condition (on failure only, on success only, etc.) via sendmail or
* Times out a cron job that runs past the configurable timeout.
* Easily scales to handle multiple users' cron jobs.
* Both the default behavior and the per-cron job behavior are highly

Changes: === 1.1.0 / 2009-06-01 The following changes were made: * jobmanager no longer generates a job log file (nor rotates) in the case that the job output is empty. * jobmanager can now be configured to email job results only when the job output is not empty ("on_job_output_or_failure"). * jobmanager can now be configured to not rotate the job log files * jobmanager can now be configured to prepend the date/time to each line of a job log file.