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Release Name: 1.0.30

Facebooker is a Ruby wrapper over the Facebook[] {REST API}[].  Its goals are:

* Idiomatic Ruby
* No dependencies outside of the Ruby standard library (This is true with Rails 2.1. Previous Rails versions require the JSON gem)
* Concrete classes and methods modeling the Facebook data, so it's easy for a Rubyist to understand what's available
* Well tested

Changes: === 1.0.13 / 2009-02-26 * Modified fql_query to return results as Hashes as a last resort [Alan Larkin] * fixed typo in set app properties parser [Andrew Grim, shane] * Removed actor_id param from templatized feed [shane] * Added admin.get_allocation [shane] * Added data.get_cookies and data.set_cookie [shane] * Added admin.get_app_properties and admin.set_app_properties [shane]