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Release Name: 1.0

After several years of development I am happy to announce
cerise 1.0. In addition to bug fixes, this release contains
a number of major changes:

cerise now requires ruby 1.8.3 due to a number of
incompatible changes to the standard library.  However at
least one person has been able to get cerise running on ruby
1.8.2 by installing updated libraries, for details see

server.cfg now has a "host" parameter which specifies the
hostname or IP address to listen on. The default is nil
which means listen on all interfaces.

An Array of values will be returned when a HTTP query string
has multiple parameters with the same name. This may require
changes to some cerise applications as previously a
comma-separated string was returned instead of an Array.

Amrita is no longer bundled with cerise, and the AmritaHandler has been removed.

SMTPS is currently broken due to changes in ruby 1.8.3.