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Release Name: 0.2.0

h1. Oupsnow

A Bug tracker multi project, simply, but completed like bug tracking.

It's written in Merb

h2. Features

 * Manage Several project
 * Manage ticket project by project

Changes: == 0.2.0 / 2009-02-10 * A user can be chane his own password in his profile * Add Redcloth formating in project/ticket/milestone description * Add a closed option in state. This option define if a state define a ticket closed or not it's use in milestone * Add a administration of State. You see all state and you can add some new * Add converter Redmine to Oupsnow in a thor task * Add milestone for each project * Add a list of User in admin part * Define a global admin user by user. This global admin can be made everything. Oupsnow administration and project settings * Define a project admin by function. A user with this function can be update settting about project. Not other project and administration of Oupsnow