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Release Name: New Relic RPM v2.8.1

= New Relic RPM


New Relic RPM is a Ruby performance management system, developed by New Relic, Inc.
RPM provides you with deep information about the performance of your Ruby on Rails 
or Merb application as it runs in production. The New Relic Agent is distributed as
a either a Rails plugin or a Gem, both hosted on RubyForge.

The New Relic Agent runs in one of two modes:

* Developer Mode : Adds a web interface mapped to /newrelic to your application for
  showing detailed performance metrics on a page by page basis.
* Production Mode : Low overhead instrumentation that captures detailed information
  on your application running in production and transmits them to
  where you can monitor them in real time.


Developer mode is on by default when you run your application in the development
environment (but not when it runs in other environments.)  When running in
developer mode, RPM will track the performance of every http request serviced
by your application, and store in memory this information for the last 100 http 

When running in Developer Mode, the RPM will also add a few pages to 
your application that allow you to analyze this performance information. (Don't 
worry - those pages are not added to your application's routes when you run in 
production mode.)

To view this performance information, including detailed SQL statement analysis,
open '/newrelic' in your web application.  For instance if you are running
mongrel or thin on port 3000, enter the following into your browser:



To monitor your applications in production, create an account at

When your application runs in the production environment, the New Relic agent
runs in production mode. It connects to the New Relic RPM service and sends deep
performance data to the RPM service for your analysis. To view this data, login

NOTE: You must have a valid account and license key to view this data online.
When you sign up for an account at, you will be provided with a
license key, as well as a default configuration file for New Relic RPM. You can
either paste your license key into your existing configuration file,
config/newrelic.yml, or you can replace that config file with the one included in
your welcome email.


Ruby 1.8.6
Rails 1.2.6 or above
Merb 1.0 or above


   script/plugin install

   sudo gem install newrelic_rpm

For Rails, edit environment.rb and add to the initalizer block:

   config.gem "newrelic_rpm" 

The Developer Mode is unavailable when using the gem on Rails versions prior to 2.0.


To monitor a merb app install the newrelic_rpm gem and add <code>dependency 'newrelic_rpm'</code> 
to your init.rb file.

Developer Mode not currently available in merb.

Reach out to us - and to fellow RPM users - on our support forum at We’ll share tips and tricks, answer all your 
questions, and announce product updates. Operators are standing by.

For other support channels, see

Thank you, and may your application scale to infinity plus one.  

Lew Cirne, Founder and CEO
New Relic, Inc.

Changes: NewRelic RPM Plugin Version: 2.8.1 2009-01-27 version 2.8.1 * Convert the deployment information upload script to an executable and put in the bin directory. When installed as a gem this command is symlinked to /usr/bin. Usage: newrelic_cmd deployments --help * Fix issue invoking api when host is not set in newrelic.yml * Fix deployments api so it will work from a gem * Fix thin incompatibility in developer mode 2008-12-18 version 2.8.0 * add beta of api in new_relic_api.rb * instrumented dynamic finders in ActiveRecord * preliminary support for capturing deployment information via capistrano * change memory sampler for solaris to use /usr/bin/ps * allow ERB in newrelic.yml file * merged support for merb into this version * fix incompatibility in the developer mode with the safe_erb plugin * fix module namespace issue causing an error accessing NewRelic::Instrumentation modules * fix issue where the agent sometimes failed to start up if there was a transient network problem * fix IgnoreSilentlyException message 2008-12-09 version 2.7.4 * fix error when trying to serialize some kinds of Enumerable objects * added extra debug logging * added app_name to app mapping 2008-11-26 version 2.7.3 * fix compatibility issue with 1.8.5 causing error with Dir.glob 2008-11-24 version 2.7.2 * fix problem with passenger edge not being a detected environment 2008-11-22 verison 2.7.1 * fix problem with skipped dispatcher instrumentation 2008-11-23 version 2.7.0 * Repackage to support both plugin and Gem installation * Support passenger/litespeed/jruby application naming * Update method for calculating dispatcher queue time * Show stack traces in RPM Transaction Traces * Capture error source for TemplateErrors * Clean up error stack traces. * Support query plans from postgres * Performance tuning * bugfixes 2008-10-06 version 2.5.3 * fix error in transaction tracing causing traces not to show up 2008-09-30 version 2.5.2 * fixes for postgres explain plan support 2008-09-09 version 2.5.1 * bugfixes 2008-08-29 version 2.5.0 * add agent support for rpm 1.1 features * Fix regression error with thin support 2008-08-27 version 2.4.3 * added 'newrelic_ignore' controller class method with :except and :only options for finer grained control over the blocking of instrumentation in controllers. * bugfixes 2008-07-31 version 2.4.2 * error reporting in early access 2008-07-30 version 2.4.1 * bugfix: initializing developer mode 2008-07-29 version 2.4.0 * Beta support for LiteSpeed and Passenger 2008-07-28 version 2.3.7 * bugfixes 2008-07-28 version 2.3.6 * bugfixes 2008-07-17 version 2.3.5 * bugfixes: pie chart data, rails 1.1 compability 2008-07-11 version 2.3.4 * bugfix 2008-07-10 version 2.3.3 * bugfix for non-mysql databases 2008-07-07 version 2.3.2 * bugfixes * Add enhancement for Transaction Traces early access feature 2008-06-26 version 2.3.1 * bugfixes 2008-06-26 version 2.3.0 + Add support for Transaction Traces early access feature 2008-06-13 version 2.2.2 * bugfixes 2008-06-10 version 2.2.1 + Add rails 2.1 support for Developer Mode + Changes to memory sampler: Add support for JRuby and fix Solaris support. * Stop catching exceptions and start catching StandardError; other exception cleanup * Add protective exception catching to the stats engine * Improved support for thin domain sockets * Support JRuby environments 2008-05-22 version 2.1.6 * bugfixes 2008-05-22 version 2.1.5 * bugfixes 2008-05-14 version 2.1.4 * bugfixes 2008-05-13 version 2.1.3 * bugfixes 2008-05-08 version 2.1.2 * bugfixes 2008-05-07 version 2.1.1 * bugfixes 2008-04-25 version 2.1.0 * release for private beta