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Release Name: 1.0.2

Apt-Downloader is intended as a  useful tool for
developers working on embedded linux. 

When working on embedded linux it can be difficult to get programs working
on your target due to the shear number of dependencies needed to run
them.  Debian has done an excellent job of building and testing their
software packages on a large number of architectures.  The debian apt system
makes it easy for debian users to get access to this software on their own
platforms, but it's a bit obsfuscated how to use thier software to say, 
download a package and all of it's dependencies to the root filesystem of
your target and target architecture.  

Apt-Downloader is front end to apt that is intended to make this easy.

Changes: === 1.0.0 / 2008-12-21 * 1 major enhancement * Birthday! * Can download to a given directory for any architecture * no reuse of temp files * no uninstall