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Release Name: rwdeliza-0.05

RwdEliza is a program to test sentence production by computer. This program is just starting to be developed. 

At this version 0.05 is just responding randomly.
 The plan is to parse input sentences and 
generate responses that are learned over time.
The Sentence tab can do simple parsing of simple

There is a dictionary lookup application. It uses to lookup entries. And  It can show 
fortunes on Unixlike systems.It uses the 
rwdtinker framerwork so additional applets can be 
downloaded. The GUI interface used is 
RubyWebDialogs, which runs through a Web browser. 
Therefore, it is completely cross-platform. This 
is part of the Tinker framework using Ruby, so 
applets can be added and removed.
This is the applet release that requires the 
rwdtinker application to also be installed.

Changes: Version 0.05 updated for rwdtinker 1.80 updated for config file to be deleted by choice Version 0.04 added oothesaurus for lookup of words Version 0.03 upgraded to work with rwdtinker 1.75 still not functional includes sentance structure tab added word lookup added Druida quote reader - like Unix fortunes