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Release Name: 2.0.4

This release primarily attempts to play nicely with
JRuby, but also fixes a few minor bugs.

Changes: === 2.0.4 / 27 Aug 2008 * Added Connection::Session#closed? and Transport::Session#closed? [Jamis Buck] * Numeric host names in .ssh/config are now parsed correct [Yanko Ivanov] * Make sure the error raised when a public key file is malformed is more informative than a MethodMissing error [Jamis Buck] * Cipher#reset is now called after Cipher#final, with the last n bytes used as the next initialization vector [Jamis Buck] === 2.0.3 / 27 Jun 2008 * Make Net::SSH::Version comparable [Brian Candler] * Fix errors in port forwarding when a channel could not be opened due to a typo in the exception name [Matthew Todd] * Use #chomp instead of #strip when cleaning the version string reported by the remote host, so that trailing whitespace is preserved (this is to play nice with servers like Mocana SSH) [Timo Gatsonides] * Correctly parse ssh_config entries with eq-sign delimiters [Jamis Buck] * Ignore malformed ssh_config entries [Jamis Buck] === 2.0.2 / 29 May 2008 * Make sure the agent client understands both RSA "identities answers" [Jamis Buck] * Fixed key truncation bug that caused hmacs other than SHA1 to fail with "corrupt hmac" errors [Jamis Buck] * Fix detection and loading of public keys when the keys don't actually exist [David Dollar] === 2.0.1 / 5 May 2008 * Teach Net::SSH about a handful of default key names [Jamis Buck] === 2.0.0 / 1 May 2008 * Allow the :verbose argument to accept symbols (:debug, etc.) as well as Logger level constants (Logger::DEBUG, etc.) [Jamis Buck] === 2.0 Preview Release 4 (1.99.3) / 19 Apr 2008 * Make sure HOME is set to something sane, even on OS's that don't set it by default [Jamis Buck] * Add a :passphrase option to specify the passphrase to use with private keys [Francis Sullivan] * Open a new auth agent connection for every auth-agent channel request [Jamis Buck] === 2.0 Preview Release 3 (1.99.2) / 10 Apr 2008 * Session properties [Jamis Buck] * Make channel open failure work with a callback so that failures can be handled similarly to successes [Jamis Buck] === 2.0 Preview Release 2 (1.99.1) / 22 Mar 2008 * Partial support for ~/.ssh/config (and related) SSH configuration files [Daniel J. Berger, Jamis Buck] * Added Net::SSH::Test to facilitate testing complex SSH state machines [Jamis Buck] * Reworked Net::SSH::Prompt to use conditionally-selected modules [Jamis Buck, suggested by James Rosen] * Added Channel#eof? and Channel#eof! [Jamis Buck] * Fixed bug in strict host key verifier on cache miss [Mike Timm] === 2.0 Preview Release 1 (1.99.0) / 21 Aug 2007 * First preview release of Net::SSH v2