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Release Name: 1.8

Please install Tioga 1.8 before installing ctioga 1.8, as ctioga won't work with earlier versions. Once that is done, try either

sudo ./INSTALL



from the extracted tarball.

Changes: ctioga (1.8) * Added a --skip-style option to skip styles from themes. * Now --line-style-set Dashes work fine, and so does all the other set-based stuff * Fixed problematic tangents for the first/last points * Added xuntil/yuntil specifications for tangents, making it far easier to reach specific points * Switched to a sane implementation of plot styles: - now, background color for plots work properly - plot styles are carried from one element to the next one (as can be seen with the background color in tests/ * New --binner backend for automatic binning * A --no-axes option to disable quickly all axes/titles * Added a new way to specify insets (and inner legends) * Added --next-inset to easily chain up insets into a full 'free form' plot * Added a --echo option to display the command-line used on the terminal, mainly for the ctioga/tests/*.sh visual tests * Re-enabled a --subplot option, though completely different, and a --next-subplot option as well * Added a X Geometry-like way to specify inset position * Added --lines-color option to control the display/color of 'axis lines', lines that run across from graph from axis major ticks. (needs Tioga -r 483) * Implemented a --new-axis option to add supplementary axes * Implemented a --axis-function option for non-linear axis mapping. * Added a decent non-linear axis partitioning algorithm * Added a --legend-scale option to better control the size of the legends * Added keys justification and alignment for --draw text * Added --xaxis and --yaxis shortcuts to quickly change the position of axes and edges. * Extended --xaxis and --yaxis to take also line, major, ticks, majornum and full stylistic arguments. They can be combined with left, etc. using commas * Added a --edge-style to select the style of individual edges. * Make empty plots with a 0,1 adressable space * Non-linear axes now take a linear spacing when that looks reasonably fine * Make --{...}-set take lists separated with | as special sets. -- Vincent Fourmond <> Fri Jun 6 13:50:56 CEST 2008