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Release Name: 0.5.0

Improved visualization for model relationships.
Support for plugins models.
Support for hidding Rails magic fields
Support for acts_as_state_machine diagrams
Support for irregular inflexions
Minor bugfixes

Changes: - Changed model relationships representation (feature request #10898) - Added support for plugins models (-p) (feature request #12742 by Chris Richards). Thanks to Elliot Smith. - Added support for irregular inflexions (from patch #12384). Thanks to Juan Ignacio Pumarino. - Added hidding of magic fields (--hide-magic) (from patch #13351) Thanks to Hajime Baba. - Added -r option to set the application root path (request #12801). - The -e flag now requires full path to excluded files. - Added support for state machine diagram ("acts as state machine" plugin). Thanks to Ana Nelson (she did all the work!).