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Release Name: 0.6.3

* written in pure ruby 
* read low-level informations like bitrate, length, samplerate, etc...
* read, write, remove id3v1 and id3v2 tags
* only 2.3 version is supported for writings id3v2 tags

a good exercise is to read the test.rb to understand how the library works deeper

  require "mp3info"
  # read and display infos & tags"myfile.mp3") do |mp3info|
    puts mp3info

  # read/write tag1 and tag2 with Mp3Info#tag attribute
  # when reading tag2 have priority over tag1
  # when writing, each tag is written."myfile.mp3") do |mp3|
    puts mp3.tag.title   
    puts mp3.tag.artist   
    puts mp3.tag.album
    puts mp3.tag.tracknum
    mp3.tag.title = "track title"
    mp3.tag.artist = "artist name"
  end"myfile.mp3") do |mp3|
    # you can access four letter v2 tags like this
    puts mp3.tag2.TIT2
    mp3.tag2.TIT2 = "new TIT2"
    # or like that
    # at this time, only COMM tag is processed after reading and before writing
    # according to ID3v2#options hash
    mp3.tag2.options[:lang] = "FRE"
    mp3.tag2.COMM = "my comment in french, correctly handled when reading and writing"

Changes: === 0.6.3 / 2008-03-28 * some internals modifications for the compatibility with ruby-audioinfo