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Release Name: 1.0.6

ontoMDE-uml2 contains UML2 meta-model and helper files to manipulate a UML2 model.   
ontoMDE-uml2 uses ontoMDA-core which provides core fonctionalities for loading a model in RDF/RDFS format. ontoMDE-UML2 is used by ontoMDE-java which contains rules for generating java Code.

* UML2 meta-model definition in RDFS format
* Ruby helper methods for handling a UML2 model.
* UML Stereotype handling helpers.
* UML predefined enumerations handling helper.
* UML model manipulations helpers (add interface implementations, transform multiple inheritance into single inheritance, ...)


  require 'ontomde-uml2'

Changes: == 1.0.3 /2007-11-30 * Added ownedOperation for Actor (Objecteering 6 support) == 1.0.0 / 2007-10-27 * First public release * rename from rdfma to ontoMDE