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Release Name: 0.6.3

Alexandria 0.6.3 is a maintenance release of this program, continuing the new
development effort begun last year. It brings greater overall stability and a
more responsive user-interface, as well as fixing many bugs. See the NEWS file
for more details.

Changes: Feature Changes: - Added export function for iPod Notes - Removed refresh button from toolbar - Added asynchronous loading and visual feedback to make GUI feel more responsive - Added Amazon ECS 4.0 support to replace the old AWS 3.x Amazon provider. AWS 3.x will be deprecated by Amazon on March 31 2008 - Added tooltips to the icon view of books Bug Fixes: - [#14163] Newly added book is not selected - [#16708] Hitting refresh button makes deleted books reappear - [#16619] When searching by isbn misses information - [#16618] When you go back into properties program removes read it tag - [#15329] Using & in library name is impossible - [#14592] Fails to start: undefined method 'isbn' - [#18197] Setting book rating through right-click menu causes crash - [#13302] Fails with z39.50 providers which don't support 'piggybacking'