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Release Name: 0.1.1

Issues being addressed in v0.1.1:

The following issues are being addressed in this version (v0.1.1) of the gem :
  1. The name of the gem is being changed from GlassFish to glassfish. The rails naming convention for the gems is with all lower case or with names that contain underscore.
  2. Support for the applications to be deployed at the Root Context ("/") of the server. The Webrick and Mongrel servers deploy the application to the root context by default.</li>
  3. Change the default port the server to be 3000 from 8080. Port 8080 has been the default http port of the GlassFish application server, but since we are targetting the Ruby on Rails market with this space, it is better to have the http port set to 3000. At this stage I have also changed the SSL port from the GlassFish default of 8181 to 3131 and the admin default port of 4848 to be 3838.
  4. Provide command arguments to the script to specify the number of runtime to be created. In v0.1.0 of the gem one could specify the number of runtimes if it was passed in as a specified as a java system property. With this version use could use the command - 
     jruby -S glassfish_rails mephisto -n 2
to create 2 rails instance.
  5. Create instances of rails in parallel. This would speed up the startup of the v3 gem

Further details about this gem can be found at my blog :