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Release Name: 0.52

The latest release of the YAML processor packaged
with Ruby.  This is an experimental release, based
on new emitter code and now featuring a cleaner
type resolver system.

Be warned.  This code is still very unstable.

Changes: --- %YAML:1.0 - version: 0.52 date: 2005-03-27 changes: README.EXT: added detailed API docs for Syck!! ext/syck/rubyext.c: consolidated all the diaspora of internal node types into the family below YAML::Syck::Node -- Map, Seq, Scalar -- all of whom are SyckNode structs pointing to Ruby data. lib/emitter.c: consolidated redundant block_styles struct into the scalar_style struct. (this means loaded nodes can now be sent back to emitter and preserve at least its very basic formatting.) lib/ ditto. lib/node.c: new syck_replace_str methods and syck_empty_* methods for rewriting node contents, while keeping the ID and other setup info. lib/syck.h: reflect block_styles and new node functions.