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Release Name: 0.2.2

  ruby-wmi is an ActiveRecord style interface for Microsoft's Windows
  Management Instrumentation provider.

  Many of the methods in WMI::Base are borrowed directly, or with some
  modification from ActiveRecord.

  The major tool in this library is the #find method.  For more
  information, see WMI::Base.

  There is also a WMI.sublasses method included for reflection.

Changes: == 0.2.2 / 2008-01-11 * 1 major enhancemenet * supports privileges <code> events = WMI::Win32_NTLogEvent.find( :all, :privileges => [WMI::Privilege::Security], :conditions => {:logfile => 'Security', :eventcode => '517'} ) </code> * minor enhancements * added error handling for invalid queries and class name typos * better documentation