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Release Name: halcyon-0.3.22

Halcyon is a JSON Web App Server Framework built
on Rack for speed and light weight.

This is a relatively minor update with a focus on 
mproving code quality and structure,
documentation, and specification/testing.

The RDocs are very thorough (at least, for such a
young project). Read through them! Some good
examples are provided as well.

Changes: Nearing Beta-quality release. Release 0.4.0 should be very soon. * Reorganized the Base exception component and updated all dependent code. * Added initial specifications for the Router, errors and exceptions, and the server base functionality and behavior. * Simplified the testing process for acceptable requests which now triggers only when not in testing or debugging modes. * Added a profile for testing so Specs can run without having a handler running (which has been tested by Rack's specs) and to adjust settings as appropriate similar to the debugging profile. * Moved the cleanup process into its own method to destroy the PID file and close the logger cleanly so that it may also be executed by the testing hooks at the end of the process (terminating naturally). * Adjusted URI parsing to default to PATH_INFO if REQUEST_URI is not available (primarily a fix for Rack::MockRequest). * Updated documentation to reflect changes.