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Release Name: ming-ruby-0.1.9

Notes: Works with ming-0.4beta5 release.

Changes: * extconf.rb: Added freetype library for linker. * Added TTF fonts support * Added classes: SWFSound, SWFSoundStream, SWFFontCharacter, SWFButtonRecord, SWFCXform, SWFMatrix, SWFPosition, SWFBlur, SWFShadow, SWFFilter, SWFColor * SWFDisplayItem - added methods: end_mask, get_x, get_y, get_x_scale, get_y_scale, get_x_scew, get_y_scew, get_rot, cache_as_bitmap, set_blend_mode fixed bug in set_depth method, added FLAGS * SWFBitmap - added support for gif and png files * SWFButton - added methods: set_scaling_grid and remove_scaling_grid, changed deprecated method add_shape with add_character * SWFFill - added FLAGS * SWFFillStyle - added possibility for creation of fillstyles * SWFGradient - added methods: set_spread_mode, set_interpolation_mode, set_focal_point + FLAGS * SWFMovie - added methods: named_anchor, assign_symbol, set_network_access, set_script_limits, set_tab_index * SWFMovieClip - added methods: set_scaling_grid, remove_scaling_grid * SWFShape - added methods: hide_line, set_left_fill_style, set_right_fill_style, use_version, set_line_2, removed deprecated method set_line_style, added FLAGS * SWFSoundInstance - fixed bug * SWFTextfield - fixed bug * SWFVideoStream - fixed bug related to creation of object with no argument given. Swf was produced, anyway with SEGFAULT error - now it is fixed; added method has_audio. * Added more examples