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Release Name: 2.1.0

- New Mixer::Music module for playing music files.
- New Sprite features: depth sorting and built-in #undraw method.
- Many other improvements and bug fixes.

Changes: === Features - Add: Mixer::Music module. - Add: Mixer.driver_name method. - Add: Depth sorting for sprites. - Add: Sprite#undraw. - Add: TTF#size_utf8 and TTF#size_unicode. - Add: Rubygame.key_name. === Bug Fixes - Fix: Bug with dirty rectangles in UpdateGroup. - Fix: Incorrect docs for joy-hat direction value. - Fix: Segfaults when Joysticks are garbage-collected after Rubygame has quit. - Fix: Segfaults when using Surface#convert, #to_display, or #to_display_alpha when no video mode has been set. - Fix: Surface#get_at returning [0,0,0,0] when it shouldn't. - Fix: Sprites::Group#collide_group behaving incorrectly (again). - Fix: Build system doesn't correctly handle quoted spaces in --cflags/--lflags. (NOTE: Use CFLAGS/LDFLAGS environment variables now, instead.) === Known Issues - Build system won't detect changed source files and recompile as necessary; you must "rake clobber build" after a change. === Other Stuff - Added argument checks to several Rect methods. - Surfaces can be created with no Screen mode set. - Mixer.open_audio has default values. - TTF style getting/setting refactored under the hood. - Added demo_music.rb and a sample song.ogg to try out music. === Acknowledgements - Johan Berntsson for adding Mixer::Music. - Daniel Neis Araujo for adding Sprite#undraw. - Roger Ostrander (denor) for and bug fixes and adding Rubygame.key_name. - Bjorn De Meyer (beoran) for numerous patches and improvements.