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Release Name: runt-0.5.0

Notes: This release contains updates and patches that have been collecting in SVN for for a while. Highlights include support for the Time class and improved temporal expressions.

Changes: = Runt Changelog == Version 0.5.0 * Refactored Schedule implementation which greatly simplifies customization but does potentially break existing clients who relied on the ability to call add mulitple times (SEE BELOW) * Added update method to Schedule allowing clients to update existing expressions * Added select method to Schedule allowing clients to query Events using arbitrary criteria * Added events method to Schedule which returns an Array of the currrently held Events * Added time-related shortcuts to Runt module contributed by Ara T. Howard * Added ability to work with Time class contributed by Paul Wright * Implemented meaningful to_s methods for TExpr classes * Added include? method to Standard Library Date class allowing Spec class better interaction with other expressions * Applied patch to fix PDate serialization bug contributed by Jodi Showers * Added BeforeTE, AfterTE, enhanced TExpr#dates method, RFC2445 (iCalendar) compliance unit test, contributed by Larry Karnowski * Applied patch by Gordon Thiesfeld which fixes broken Time class compatibility * Applied patch by Gordon Thiesfeld which allows REWeek expressions to span across two weeks * Removed unused context.rb and contexttest.rb * Removed unnecessary test suite alltests.rb == Version 0.4.0 * Added DayIntervalTE contributed by Ira Burton which matches every n days past a given date * Added YearTE requested by Pat Maddox == Version 0.3.0 * TExpr (finally!) becomes a Module instead of a superclass * Added overlap? method for all temporal expressions and DateRange * Added REMonth expression which matches a range of dates each month * Contributed by Emmett Shear: TExpr#dates method which returns an array of dates occurring within the supplied DateRange * Rakefile fixes: - test path allow gem to be installed with -t switch - usage of gzip which will break on Win32 * Removed and then subsequently restored SpecTE * General clean-up, including: - renamed several methods on PDate - renamed 'dateprecisiontest.rb' to 'dprecisiontest.rb' * Fixed deprecation warning == Version 0.2.0 * Fixed Schedule class * Renamed Schedule#is_occurring? to Schedule#include? * RAA deployment * GEM deployment * Renamed file dateprecisiontest.rb to dprecisiontest.rb * Renamed several methods on PDate: - second -> sec - minute -> min - hour_of_day -> hour - day_of_month -> day == Version 0.1.0 * Inspired by suggestions[] on c.l.r., did massive renaming and refactoring to make source more Ruby-esque: - TemporalExpression class => TExpr - DatePrecision module => DPrecision (file name changed also) - TimePoint class => PDate (file name changed also) - Added transparent use of bitwise set operators ( & , | ) for building composite expressions - Added transparent use of - operator for diff expressions * Updated TE Tutorial to reflect new and improved syntax usage * Skipped several version numbers to celebrate == Version 0.0.6 * TE Tutorial * Website beautification * Credits == Version 0.0.4 * Improved Rake[] support * Better documentation: README, TODO, CHANGES, etc. * More Ruby-like source code layout and code organization inspired by Rake[] distribution * Dropped the obviously superfluous 'alpha' from versioning == Version 0.0.1 * Learned Ruby (or began trying, at any rate...) * RubyForge project setup * Basic implementation of the Java-based chronicJ[] functionality in Ruby