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Release Name: 0.6.7

Autobuild config files are Ruby scripts which configure rake to
* imports the package from a SCM or (optionnaly) updates it
* configures it. This phase can handle code generation, configuration (for
  instance for autotools-based packages), ...
* build
* install

It takes the dependencies between packages into account in its build process,
updates the needed environment variables (+PKG_CONFIG_PATH+, +PATH+,

== WARNING for 0.5 users
Old configuration files used with autobuild 0.5 aren't accepted by Autobuild
0.6. Since 0.6, Autobuild uses Ruby for configuration (just like rake does)

Changes: == Version 0.6.7 * put install-stamp files into logdir, to clean up the installation prefix * added Autobuild.post_install: run an external program or call a block after all packages have been successfully built * bugfix: darcs get expects that the path to the destination directory already exists. Create it ourselves if it does not exist. * bugfix: when computing the timestamp of a source tree, exclude .svn and _darcs directories * bugfix: 'opencv.pc' were searched in PkgConfig packages instead of the actual .pc file ... * bugfix: installed_pkgconfig is supposed to be a singleton method of Autobuild * bugfix: "darcs get" expects that the path leading to the destination directory exists. Create it. * bugfix: fix handling of Genom's requires lists: we were previously expecting packages to be exactly separated by ', '