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Release Name: v0_6_5


RELEASE 0.6.5  (Reuse PORO (Plain Old Ruby Object))


   * added module convenience funtionality Optiflag.using_object()

      -- made sure that this will travel up the inheritance

         hierarchy up to but not including Object looking for

	 getter/setter pairs

   * added alias :and_process! for :handle_errors_and_help (which is unweildy)

   * started significant RDoc-ing of modules, classes and methods

   * created alias :flags for :flag_value 

     (ARGV.flags.d is easier than ARGV.flag_value.d)

   * re-arranged directory structure and created darcs repository

   * read darcs repository now available at 

   * added a new convenience Constant called OptiFlagSet which makes

     the standard rote extension a bit easier

   * refactored the help bundle system

   * changed the look and feel for the help messages

   * changed the parse() function so that the module constant also now
     has the flag values augmented onto the object
        module MyArgs extend OptiFlagSet
   * broke out a lot of functionality into separate files to make
     maintenance a bit easier.. (first time optiflag.rb is no longer
     the only source file) 
   * refactored the validation functionality to create a generic
     'validate_against' methods which takes a lambda. Old validation	
     methods value_in_set and value_matching use this method
   * fixed a subtle bug with the help usage_flag not picking up
     individual help when it was an alternate form and usage_flag 
     is called more than once