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Release Name: unleashed

= RDOG 0.1.0

RDOG aims to provide a platform to extend and discuss current documentation
that was generated via rdoc. It does that by using a modified version of
rdoc that generates YAML (direct rdoc2og is planned for future releases)
and integrates it into a model.
The backend for RDOG is currently Spark, wich provides a perfect base for

Please visit for more information on Spark, Nitro or Og

== Features

* YAML-generating via rdoc
* Integration into Spark (providing an advanced Wiki)
* Runs on Nitro/Og - so it works with all Stores Og provides
  (currently psql, mysql, sqlite, kirbybase)
* Easy interface for the documentation (sidebars) that may be
  used for any other Nitro-based page.

== Todo
* moving from YAML-generation to rdoc2og
* making the interface flawless and working on every browser
* integrating a simple search (should be possible as soon as
  the rdoc2og comes in place)
* providing all kinds of version-marking and Discussion-pages
  to stop cluttering the documentation-pages with these

Changes: 21.12.2005 Michael Fellinger <> * Initial release * Modified rdoc (rdoc-devel) used for creation of the YAMLs * Working integration into Spark and quite simple upgrading To the current Version (0.25.0 is current) * Some simple JS for cleaner display.