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Release Name: 1.3.0.rc1

OCRA (One-Click Ruby Application) builds Windows executables from Ruby
source code. The executable is a self-extracting, self-running
executable that contains the Ruby interpreter, your source code and
any additionally needed ruby libraries or DLL.

Changes: === 1.3.0.rc1 * Fixed some additional corner cases with absolute and relative require & load paths. Extended test suite to cover a lot more cases. * Now provides a meaningful exit status code (1 on error, 0 on success). (DavidMikeSimon) * New option to _not_ run the script to detect dependencies (--no-dep-run). (DavidMikeSimon) * Bundler support using the --gemfile option. (DavidMikeSimon) * Debug mode support in the stub (--debug). Also --debug-extract to keep extracted files from executable. (DavidMikeSimon)