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Release Name: 0.1.13

Spirit 0.1.13

Spirit is a console file-handler, written with writers in mind. It has
modules like printing, latex, conversion, and archiving. But adding more
modules to do any kind of file-handling is easy, if you know Ruby.

HEY! -- You have to go into SpiritLib.rb and SpiritArchive.rb and set
the constants for now because I don't have the rc file going yet.

== Ruby's Release Notes ==

Added rc file.  Now we're done with the architecture.  On to LaTeX.

Changes: Change Log for Spirit Spirit 0.1.13 - Using an rc file. Spirit 0.1.12 - Move walk() to SpiritLib. Spirit 0.1.11 - Bugfix. Spirit 0.1.10 - Constants to SpiritLib. Spirit 0.1.9 - Dynamic menu. Spirit 0.1.8 - Refactored Archive. Spirit 0.1.7 - Bugfix Spirit 0.1.6 - Bugfix Spirit 0.1.5 - Tweak to upload Spirit 0.1.4 - Fixes to SpiritArchive.rb Spirit 0.1.3 - Tweaks to SpiritArchive.rb Spirit 0.1.2 - Fix in -ar option. Spirit 0.1.1 - Added -ap, -ar, and -ad options. Spirit 0.1.0 - Initial RubyForge release.