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Release Name: 2.0.1

RinRuby is a Ruby library that integrates the R interpreter in Ruby, making R's statistical routines and graphics available within Ruby.  The library consists of a single Ruby script that is simple to install and does not require any special compilation or installation of R.  Since the library is 100% pure Ruby, it works on a variety of operating systems, Ruby implementations, and versions of R.  RinRuby's methods are simple, making for readable code.  The {website []}[] describes RinRuby usage, provides comprehensive documentation, gives several examples, and discusses RinRuby's implementation.

Copyright 2005-2008 David B. Dahl

Developed by David B. Dahl
Documented by David B. Dahl and Scott Crawford

Contributors: Claudio Bustos

Changes: === 2.0.1 / 2010-05-01 * Reimplemented with ordered parameters, for complete backwards compatibility