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Release Name: 0.8.1

Jetty Rails aims to run Ruby on Rails and Merb applications with the Jetty Container, leveraging the power of JRuby and jruby-rack.

{Jetty}[] is an excellent Java Web Server, being and at the same time extremely lightweight. This makes jetty-rails a good alternative for JRuby on Rails or Merb development and deployment.

The project has born from my own needs ({read more}[]). I needed to run {JForum}[] in the same context of my JRuby on Rails application. I had also to integrate HttpSessions (avoiding single sign on) and use ServletContext in-memory cache store.

Changes: == 0.8.1 * updating jruby-rack to be compatible with Rails 2.3.x * better build system, upgrading to newer version of newgem == 0.8 * reading config/web.xml file (not yet supporting config/web.xml.erb) * supporting /public/WEB-INF dir for custom web resources (config files and taglibs)