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Release Name: RubyOSX: Ruby 1.8.7-p172 for OSX 10.5 Leopard INTEL

Notes: RubyOSX is an equivalent to the Windows Ruby One-Click Installer. It replaces the broken Readline library, updates to a current version of SQLite3 and makes your OSX ready for Rails, which needs at least Ruby 1.8.4 to run. This package serves everything to deploy Ruby Applications on OSX Machines. You don't need to compile anything and you don't need Apple's Developer Tools (xcode) installed. • Ruby 1.8.7 » the great Ruby scripting Language • SQLite » ACID-compliant relational database management system • Mongrel (+dependencies) » for your ultimate HTTP needs. • Thin » for tight and fast HTTP needs. • Ruby/LDAP » interfacing with LDAP-Servers • Ragel State Machine Compiler » fast finite state machine compiler • libxml + libxslt » XML/XSLT processing libraries (current versions) • • Rubygems » the premier ruby packaging system • Gem: sqlite3-ruby » sqlite3 package for Ruby • Gem: daemons » wrap existing ruby scripts to be run as a daemon • Gem: rake » is a Ruby make-like utility • Gem: cheat » Ruby cheatsheets on the console • Gem: rspec » Behaviour driven design • Gem: nokogiri » fast and efficient HTML and XML parsing library

Changes: This is the initial release for Leopard (10.5). This version adds libxml and libxslt as well as nokogiri, a HTML/XML parser.