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Release Name: 2.1.3

New Features

### {OCI8::Cursor#statement}

It returns the text of the SQL statement prepared in the cursor.

    cursor = conn.parse("select * from country where country_code = 'ja'")
    cursor.statement # => "select * from country where country_code = 'ja'"

See: [github issue #16](

Specification changes

### License was changed to 2-clause BSD-style license.

The former license was same with old ruby (<= 1.9.2) license.

### Oracle object type's DATE field type

Ruby-oci8 had returned a DateTime object when Oracle object type's DATE
field type was accessed. Now it returns a Time object.

Fixed Issues

-   Fix to work with procedures and functions that return temporary lobs.
    See: [github issue #13](

    (contributed by timon)

-   Fix Oracle object type's DATE field tests.
    See: [github issue #17](

    (reported by Yasuo Honda)

-   Fix a sequence test failure on Oracle 11gR2.
    See: [github issue #18](

    (reported by Yasuo Honda)

-   Include COPYING files.
    See: [github issue #19](

    (requested by Johannes Weberhofer)

-   Fix SEGV when a temporary LOB is GCed while another LOB is read.
    See: [github issue #20](

    (reported by techsplicer)

-   Fix #<NoMethodError: undefined method `timezone' for Time:Class>
    when ruby is less than 1.9.2 and an object type's time attribute is accessed.