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Release Name: 0.3

Hobix is a complete blogging system, designed to be managed on the file system and accessed through a command-line application.

Hobix is centrally powered by Textile, YAML and Ruby. The command-line application is powered by a complete Ruby library which is designed to be fully scriptable and extensible.

Use the installer!

ruby -ropen-uri -e 'eval(open("").read)'

Hobix comes with complete documentation in ri. Type: ri Hobix . You'll see a complete overview of classes and some examples.

For help with the commandline: hobix help

Hobix Is The Way mailing list for tips and discussion:

More at

Changes: --- %YAML:1.0 - version: 0.2h date: 2004-10-06 changes: - lib/hobix/util/objedit.rb: pagination of form fields, color support, now saves content. - lib/hobix/entry.rb: date ids are now relative. - share/default-blog.apache-ssi.patch: ditto. - version: 0.2g date: 2004-10-05 changes: - lib/hobix/out/rdf.rb: new rss 1.0 module by Giulio Piancastelli! - lib/hobix/out/quick.rb: problem with nested unordered list invalid XHTML. Thanks, Eric Stewart! - lib/hobix/out/quick.rb: mozilla problem with self-closing anchor tag. - lib/hobix/weblog.rb: using YAML::transfer to load the linklist rather than YAML::object_maker. Yes, better.