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Release Name: Instiki 0.11 Patch Level 1

This is the first Instiki Release from the new maintainers: Matthias Tarasiewicz and
Security Update: fixing Cross Site Scripting attacks on instiki webs. Please update your instiki wikis!

Changes: SECURITY: - fixed Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attack [Jaques Distler] ANTISPAM: - updated and included spam_patterns.txt BUGFIXES: - fix PDF output not to contain garbage chars [Jesse Newland] - fixed the pages and authors display for single webs - web list does not show a link to a published version if it has none [Jesse Newland] - fix wiki words feature and allow wiki word to be italicized [Johannes Vanderknyff] FEATURES: - fix: being logged in on more Webs at once works now [Jaques Distler] - big update to the web_list - statistics: last update, last document, created or revised - Stylesheet tweaks - css updates to make small fonts look better in firefox - visual display if webs are pass-protected (div background) 0.11.pl1 is also the last instiki version to support windows 98. see this topic on the Rails List: