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Release Name: 0.2 (1.8.2)

Patches the ruby source (v1.8.2, may work for other versions) such that it allows to redefine the %-literals. The literals are by default disabled for the existing literals, but they can be enabled by passing -% as option to the Ruby interpreter. This is done to enable Ruby to still compile its extensions, since there are a number of backwards incompatibilities incurred by this patch:

    * %r becomes %R
    * The o option for %r is replaced by a 1.
    * %x becomes %X
    * %W is terminally broken. Try %W{ hello\ world #{} } and see what happens before&after.
    * def %a ; end changes meaning

For more information see

Changes: * Changed the meaning of the -% option. * Added a 1 option to replace %r's o option.