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Release Name: 1.6.2

Notes: FireWatir Integration Release

Changes: == Version 1.6.2 * Changed the method of setting Watir::Browser.default when the user does not specify a browser option. This fixes the problem where it would be 'ie' on Mac. * Fixed FireWatir's "text" method to return the same character's as Watir's method. It had been returning extra spaces and other characters. Fix included contribution from Tony. Closes #266 * Fixed "activesupport" error. Users no longer need to have the latest version installed. == Version 1.6.1 * Fixed install/load errors reported by Marek J and Tony. == Version 1.6.0 This release merges the Watir and FireWatir projects. It contains many compatibility fixes, as well as a new browser-independent interface your tests can use to allow you to specify the browser at run time. We have also updated our existing support for modal dialogs so that it now works with Ruby 1.8.6. Users who have been using Ruby 1.8.2 because of this will now need to upgrade to Ruby 1.8.6. This release also contains many other fixes. Details below. Watir and FireWatir are still distributed as separate gems. Installing the Watir gem will automatically install FireWatir. Both gems now use common code contained in the "commonwatir" gem. This release is fully backwards compatible with previous versions of Watir and FireWatir. Your existing scripts should continue to run without change. === Installation To install both Watir and FireWatir: gem update --system gem install watir To only install FireWatir (e.g. on Mac or Linux) gem update --system gem install firewatir To enable Firefox to work with Watir, you will also need to install the JSSH plugin. See this page for details. === New Features You can now replace references to (or with to allow you to specify which browser to run your tests against at run time. Details: It takes two lines of code to allow to support an additional Watir implementation. The two lines necessary for SafariWatir (on Mac) are provided. (See watir-common/lib/watir/browsers.rb). In addition to 'browser', options supported by (on IE only right now) are 'speed' and 'visible'. Unit tests no longer run from the gems. You will need to get the source if you want to run the unit tests. === Compatibility Fixes * FireWatir now raises Watir exceptions. * FireWatir now supports multiple attributes for most page elements. * Watir now supports multiple attributes for most page elements. * Added support to FireWatir for many more element types. * Added Radio#checked? and Checkbox#checked? methods to FireWatir. * Now will click a radio button (as does IE) even if it is already set. This is important if there is javascript attached to the radio button. * TextField#set now respects the maxlength of the field. Previously, FireWatir could overrun the limit. FireWatir::TextField.maxlength now works correctly. * Watir::SelectList#includes? and #selected now accept regexp arguments. This functionality is still missing from FireWatir, but it is in Celerity. From Jari Bakken. Fixes #261. * FireWatir::Element#disabled is fixed. * Added method Watir::Table#row_count_excluding_nested_tables. This works like FireWatir::Table#row_count. * Watir#wait_until is now available to FireWatir. * Fixed versioning. With FireWatir 1.2.1, FireWatir::Firefox::VERSION actually reported '1.1.1.'. * FireWatir will now automatically starts Firefox on Mac (as it did previously on Windows and Linux). === IE Fixes * Fix for: form field named "submit" causes "submit" method to not work. Closes #223. * Calling now scrolls the page to the control, as with other controls. Thanks to Jonathan Kohl for the fix. Closes #172. * Fixed ie.speed, which was returning ":fast" when speed was actually ":zippy". * Fix for visible? method not being inherited correctly. From Alan Baird. Closes #253 * Added ie.forms method. Thanks to Jarmo P. * Fix for "undefined method 'document'" error that was occuring when loading pages with frames that were slow to load. Reported here: * Fixed accessing checkboxes and radio buttons using :ole_object on IE. Closes #217. === Unit Test Improvements * Unit tests no longer can be run from a gem install. Rather, you need to run them from a complete source tree. * New rake targets for Watir: test and cruise, each of which runs the core tests. * Numerous fixes and cleanup to the unit test suite. * The unit tests both both Watir and FireWatir now use the new interface and can be run against either implementation (Watir::IE or FireWatir::Firefox or others for that matter). See this page for details. * Added tagging to unit tests. Tests which have known failures are now tagged as ":fails_on_ie" or ":fails_on_firefox". * Added coverage modes for running unit tests. These are documented on the wiki page cited above. * Updated tests that were still using obsolete Watir 1.0 interfaces. * Started merging the Watir test suites into watir-common. * General test clean up. * Test failures due to not setting IE security settings will now issue helpful error message telling you how to fix your IE security settings. === Structural Changes * Moved library files into "lib" directories. Now Watir is like all the other Ruby projects. * Moved FireWatir classes into the FireWatir module. * Removed examples. They are now on the wiki. * Simplified code by removing duplication and unused code. * The watir-console now works from the development tree. * Renamed IE.defaults to IE.options and IE.defaults= to IE.set_options. * Added top-level "rake gems" target. Only works on windows right now.