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Message: 96919
BY: Jeff F (jfishbaugh)
DATE: 2011-08-22 19:05
SUBJECT: help w/ cloudyscripts setup



Thanks for the toolkit. I am however a bit green on ruby use. I have the CloudyScripts gem installed, but how do I go about general setup (ie- what values in scripts and environmental vars do I need to set up to make it work aside from what I see for keys and such)? The tool I am particularly interested in running is the ami2_ebs_conversion.rb to get an instance-store converted over to an ebs AMI.

If I call it with something like 'ruby lib/scripts/ami2_ebs_conversion.rb' it complains about finding the other executables which makes me think I am not calling it correctly and/or need to perform some additional setup aside from some of the VARs I am seeing.



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help w/ cloudyscripts setupJeff F2011-08-22 19:05
      RE: help w/ cloudyscripts setupFrederic Donnat2011-08-23 16:18

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