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Message: 96675
BY: Kubo Takehiro (kubo)
DATE: 2011-06-24 10:55
SUBJECT: RE: Error installing ruby-oci8-2.0.6.gem


Uninstall ruby-oci8-2.0.6.gem and install ruby-oci8-2.0.6-x86-mingw32.gem.

If you have special purposes not to use the mingw32 gem, you need a C compiler which is the same type of compiler used to build the ruby.

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Error installing ruby-oci8-2.0.6.gemPalak Mody2011-06-23 20:29
      RE: Error installing ruby-oci8-2.0.6.gemKubo Takehiro2011-06-24 10:55

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