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Message: 96159
BY: Kevin Carlson (sourceminer)
DATE: 2011-03-09 01:03
SUBJECT: Using Cloudy Scripts


Hey guys, love the start of this project. You have exactly what I need to copy AMI's from one place to another... dont know why Amazon cant do this themselves. Anyway I would like to use it however got an error when trying to use the: Copy AMI To Different Region.

I followed the limited on screen questions and hit submit.. things seem to be working when it stops trying to SSH into the instance.

The execution status is: Done (Failed)
Execution Time is: 247s

Execution failed in status FailedState due to connection attempts stopped (execution expired)

Mar, 09 - 00:45:49: starting up instance to execute the script (AMI = ami-e79bcba2) ...
Mar, 09 - 00:45:50: Architecture of image ami-******is i386. Use instance_type m1.small.
Mar, 09 - 00:45:51: Started instance i-*******. wait until it is ready...
Mar, 09 - 00:45:57: instance still starting up...
Mar, 09 - 00:46:03: instance still starting up...
Mar, 09 - 00:46:09: instance is up and running
Mar, 09 - 00:46:10: going to create a snapshot for volume vol-149f2879...
Mar, 09 - 00:46:17: snapshot is done with ID=snap-********
Mar, 09 - 00:46:17: going to create a new EBS volume from the specified snapshot...
Mar, 09 - 00:46:25: EBS volume vol-********is ready
Mar, 09 - 00:46:25: going to attach volume vol-********to instance i-4ed6980a on device /dev/sdj...
Mar, 09 - 00:46:32: volume successfully attached
Mar, 09 - 00:46:32: connecting 'root' to ec2-***-***-***-***

This is a Windows Server AMI if that makes any difference..

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