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Message: 59166
BY: Praveen Devarao (praveend)
DATE: 2008-08-05 11:14
SUBJECT: RE: ibm_db BLOB Support


Hi Philip,

Could you let us know which version of the gem you are using. I tried migrations involving addition of a column of type BLOB/CLOB using the latest version of ibm_db gem(0.9.5) and it works fine, that is migrations involving BLOB/CLOB columns take place correctly. IBM_DB supports operations involving BLOB columns, so nothing to worry.

If you are using ibm_db gem version 0.9.5 itself could you please provide us with some more details about the problem,the complete error log when you carried out the operation.

<< already failed using CLOBs.

BY this did you mean that ibm_db failed even in the case of CLOB?



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