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Message: 38652
BY: Matt Armstrong (matta)
DATE: 2008-01-11 05:08
SUBJECT: RE: parsing raw messages with CRLF


Thanks Maarten, yep the /r/n -vs- /n thing is a known issue people run into -- you are not the first. You found the right workaround. I have local patches to fix, but they are part of a major rewrite of the guts of the library, so they will need time to cook a little while longer.

And you're right, there is now sadly a that deals with email marketing. I think the above mentioned rewrite will be released under the RMail name. Then again, TMail looks like it is healthy and well maintained and I have little reason to "compete"...

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parsing raw messages with CRLFMaarten O.2008-01-03 10:00
      RE: parsing raw messages with CRLFMatt Armstrong2008-01-11 05:08

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