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Message: 22457
BY: Michael Yee (new2ruby)
DATE: 2007-05-17 19:39
SUBJECT: Ruby DBI:ODBC Fetch Memory Allocation Error


Hello All,

I am using Ruby DBI to query a ms-sql server using ODBC sql-driver on the local machine for development. Everything seems to work Great and I am very pleased with Ruby and the DBI, however I seem to have trouble when executing a query which will return a long string of data type ntext I believe. I hit a error of ODBC.rb:237:in 'fetch' : failed to allocate memeory (NoMemoryError). I am 100% positive that the query works because I ran it in sql server express and it returned the desired results. It seems like once you hit a string large enough this bad boy either runs out of memory or does not know how to allocate it. Has anyone else occured this problem, if so please advise.

Thanks in advance!

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Ruby DBI:ODBC Fetch Memory Allocation ErrorMichael Yee2007-05-17 19:39
      RE: Ruby DBI:ODBC Fetch Memory Allocation ErrPiet Hadermann2007-06-01 09:30

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